“Mitchell Sells Broken Link!”. Why Fingerprints Acquired An Empty NFT

“Klein Sells Wind!”

In 1962, French avant-garde artist Yves Klein sold fresh air for 14 gold ingots. The buyers, screenwriter Michael Blankfort and his wife, received a receipt for a “Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility”. Klein then asked the Blankforts to burn the receipt, threw half the gold into the Seine and kept the other half.

Yves Klein and the Blankforts in the burning cerimony

Yves Klein and NFTs

The Blankforts’ receipt, like NFTs, proves ownership of something that no one can exclusively possess. For Klein, this applied to fresh air. For NFTs in general, it’s a file that anyone can download.

“The Economist” proposed recently that Yves Klein work was the earliest form of NFT
IKB I, by Yves Klein

The Genius of Mitchell F. Chan

Sometimes we need a demonstration to really understand the power of technology. This demonstration doesn’t need to be the final form of the technology but needs to show an innovative way of doing something that was previously impossible.

Santos-Dumont and his flying machine, Paris 1906
Cover for “The Blue Paper”, where the artist outlined his vision
Wrapped version of Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility, Series 0, Edition 15. Fingerprints also acquired editions 18 and 20 of Series 0

Why Fingerprints Acquired Three of the Original 2017 Series 0 Tokens?

After we included more members in Fingerprints DAO, our vision for the collection evolved. The vision went from purely on-chain artwork, to collect artwork that makes innovative use of smart contracts.



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