“Constraints Lead to Creativity”: an interview with DEAFBEEF

  • His motivation to make art
  • How did he get into crypto and NFTs
  • Why the name DEAFBEEF
  • Experimentalism vs. conceptualism in his art
  • How to think about scarcity and secondary market
  • DEAFBEEF’s plans going forward
Still from Deafbeef Series 2: Transmission — Token 143, Deafbeef, 2021

The motivation

Crypto and NFTs


Experimentalism vs. conceptualism

Scarcity and Secondary Market

What’s next?

  • Longer form musical compositions. (all stored on-chain.)
  • Interactions with physical components (tangible items). For example, we are planning to make an album of the curated audio, and release it on analog media such as vinyl or magnetic tape. As a commentary on the duality of information representation, and how to truly record something permanently (embed it in culture).
  • Generative models influenced by physical processes(subject of my past research). Mathematical descriptions of fluid motion. As a commentary on the connections between mathematics, geometry and art.
  • Procedurally generated architecture and geometry for metaverse worlds. A big opportunity IMHO.
  • Read much more deeply to understand the historical overlap between art, mathematics and science, to better contextualize my work moving forward.




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